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Product information "OrthoPreventAligner® deep bite"

The OrthoPreventAligner® deep bite is used in order to elevate a distinct deep overbite and traumatic sink bite. The lip screen for the upper jaw has a steeper inclination, in order to allow the upper incisors which are mostly inclined toward the palate to straighten up. The OrthoPreventAligner® DB-W is manufactured from elastic silicon with a strengthened bite block. With the OrthoPreventAligner® DB-W, only the incisors of the upper and lower jaws bite on the device so that blocking of the posterior occlusal area takes place. The effect of the OrthoPreventAligners® DB-W is indirect due to the bite blockage of the posterior teeth. It stimulates the vertical growth of the posterior teeth according to the principle of bite elevation of functional orthodontic devices (activator, bionator, functional regulator, etc.). As the teeth lifelong want to elongate until they meet a resistance, one can reckon with an increase of the bite of the incisors and a slightly less overbite.